Marijuana Statistics

Medical Marijuana Statistics

Medical Marijuana Crime Facts

Areas nearby a dispensary see an average of 84% decrease in petty crimes – Reefferr

Marijuana Legalization Statistics

Marijuana possession laws came into effect in 1936 for all US States – Marijuana Nursing

Over 17 American states and the District of Columbia passed laws for legal use of medical marijuana ().

In one Washington study it was found that thefts were reduced  by between 10-20% once recreational legalization was passed – PS Mag

California Dispensary Statistics

“5.1 percent statistically significant drop in reported property offenses during the years in which counties allowed for dispensaries.” – Marijuana Moment

IN May of 2018 the “Exploring the Effects of Marijuana Dispensary Laws on Crime in California Counties” Like wise DUI arrests in cities adopting dispensary laws was associated with at least a statistically significant 7.7% increase in DUI arrests. 24 This effect increases when county-specific time trends are included in the model, with the preferred specification indicating a significant increase in DUIs of 9.1%. As DUIs in California  –

Marijuana Dispensary VS Alcohol Statistics

Alcohol outlets, however, were responsible for about four times more violent crimes during the 34 months of the study than those that sold marijuana (372 vs. 93). –

Colorado Marijuana Statistics

Denver CO dispensaries experience a 17% risk of being robbed versus 27% if it were an outlet for alcohol. – NBC News

Marijuana Travel and Tours.

Recreational Cannabis Tourism is growing by 25% each year form 208-2019 – Dispensary Tourism

Michigan Medical marijuana Statistics/Facts

-After 4 months, medical marijuana sales in Michigan exceed $42 million